Meet the Team

Team Tong

“Our aim is to improve the health and well-being of local people”

Our Teams are dedicated to your continued good health and approach your care with professionalism, discretion and friendliness. You can count on a warm welcome from everyone involved here at the Practice. We are supported by an excellent team of GPs, Advanced Practitioners, Practice Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Healthcare Professionals, Managers, Administrative Staff and Receptionists.

Our Doctors

Dr Angela Moulson (F)

Senior GP Partner – Specialty Mental Health

Has been a GP here for 34 years. Also works with the local system strategically in Mental Health. Also the Clinical Director for the Primary Care Network and a Director of Healthy Lifestyles voluntary organisation. She does limited clinical work now due to other roles. In spare time she sings in a church choir and enjoys walking in fine weather.

Dr Adrian North (M)

He is a full time salaried GP who qualified in 1997 and provides the full range of General Practice Services.  He additionally has a special interest in joint injections, has an interest in the use of the Dermatoscope to assist with diagnosis of potentially harmful skin lesions and has a special interest in Minor Surgery.

Dr. Wario (M)

Salaried GP works Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 

Dr Nawaz (F)

Is one of our long term Locum GP’s. and works every Monday and Friday


Our Nursing and Healthcare Staff

Nurse Anne Petty (F)

Senior Lead Nurse

Does Diabetic Clinics, Mental Health, Smear Tests, Post Natal examinations and Baby Immunisations.

Denise Hays (F)

Healthcare Assistant

Takes Blood Samples, Blood Pressure, Medication Reviews, B12 Injections, Wound Care,Removal of Stitches, Diabetic Foot checks.

Aisha (F)

Healthcare Assistant

Takes Blood Samples, Blood Pressure, Medication Reviews, B12 Injections, Diabetic Foot Checks, ECGs and Health Checks

Adele (F)

Practice Nurse

Does Chronic Disease Management, Immunisations and Vaccinations, Contraception – Including Implant Fit/Removal, Coil Removals, Wound Care, Cervical Cytology, Spirometry and Smear Tests

Claire Sheard (F)

Advanced Nurse Practioner 

Hi, I’m Claire, and I’ve been a nurse for 30 years, 9 years of which have been as an Advanced Nurse Practioner. Within these 9 years I have developed interests in Dementia, managing an Older person and the menopause, amongst seeing patients with acute or ongoing illnesses.

Jo (M)

Mental Health Nurse

Hi! My name is Jo and I am the Mental Health Nurse for the PCN4+ area. I have worked for the NHS for around 8 years. We started this service 12 months ago and so far we’ve helped many local people improve their lives.My job is to help people recover from mental health problems which can include low mood, anxiety, hallucinations and stress. From a 1 hour assessment, I am able to give my patients tailor made advice to help them “in the now” I also signpost onto other organisations where necessary, for example, some people may need some sort of therapy or counselling. Together, we can identify what your needs are and how to address them. Lots of people are struggling currently due to a variety of reasons. If you’re struggling to move forward in life due to poor mental health and would like support, please get in touch. 

Damien Maloy (M)

Advanced Clinical Practioner

Hi, I am a new member of the practice team and part of the clinical team here at Tong Medical Practice. I worked as a paramedic in West Yorkshire before becoming an Advanced Clinical Practioner over 10 years ago and I have been working within the Primary Care Network since then. I look forward to seeing you at some point in the future, within the practice. Oh, and say hi if you see me around the practice

First Contact Physiotherapist 

The role of a FCP in primary care is to assess, diagnose and provide the most suitable management for a patient who has not seen any other practitioner.  Onward referrals to further specialists is something that is carried out if a problem is out of the scope of a FCP. Seeing an FCP helps reduce waiting times, as any musculoskeletal problems including bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles, can be diagnosed by an FCP and therefore does not require the additional appointment with a G.P.

Jen (F)

Specialist Support for reducing Benzodiaazepine and Opiod medications

Hello, I’m Jen and I am based at Tong Medical Practice all day every Wednesday to offer one to one support in reducing some prescribed medications, these include:

Benzodiazepines – some common examples are Diazepam,Nitrazepam and Temazepam

Opioids – some common examples areTramodol, Codeine and Oxycodone

Often these medications have been prescribed for long periods of time and can cause many unwanted side effects.You may have noticed that they have become less effective over time.

I can work with you on an individualised plan to support you to make reductions at a pace guided by you

If you feel that you may benefit from this support, please talk to your GP about a referral.

Practice Pharmacist

Our practice pharmacist supports our clinical team with issues regarding medication.  At times our patients may be asked to discuss changes in their medication with our pharmacist at the request of a GP. This is to ensure patients are fully aware of the actions and benefits of the medication they are being asked to take.  This may also occur if a consultant has requested a change to patient medication, or patient needs an annual review.         

Community Midwives

The community midwifery team provide a degree of continuity of care. In pregnancy they see you either at home or at a clinic. When you go into labour they are available for a home birth, or in a few places, they may come into the labour ward in the hospital to be with you. Once your baby is born, they’ll visit you at home for up to ten days after birth. Community midwives also provide postnatal care for women who have been looked after during labour by hospital midwives.You can contact the Bluebell Team on 01274 322852.

Community Nurses

District Nursing Team

The District Nursing team hold daily clinics at Highfield Health Centre to enable mobile patients to attend. The nurses visit housebound patients who are elderly, physically disabled or terminally ill to provide support to them and their families. Patients are offered health promotion information with regards to incontinence, weight problems/diet and smoking.You can contact the team on 01274 256131 (Single Point of Access) Click here for further information on the District Nursing Team

Attached Staff

Anticoagulation (Warfarin) Clinic

You can contact the team on 01274 037347

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Lifeline Community Alcohol Service

Tracy Bostock – Specilist Alcohol Practitioner

You can contact the team on 01274 809890

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The surgery has two in house physio’s. Please call the surgery for further information. 01274 683331


You can contact the team on 01274 221165

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You can contact the team on 01274 364071

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First Response – Mental Health

You can contact the team on 0800 952 1181

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CGL – Drug and Alcohol Support

You can contact the team on 01274 296023

Community Ultrasound Service Yorkshire Health Solutions

You can contact the team on 03450950245

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